My Alerts 

For all registered users you can now setup your own custom listing alerts via the “My Alerts” Menu accessible via the main Login Menu.

After you have Logged into your Account you can setup, save, edit and view all your custom alerts.

The “My Alerts” page at first will show a blank table as no alerts are configured.

Click ‘add alert’ to begin.

Below is an example daily listing alert which will email you if a new Tiny House for Sale listing is added within the United States.


Just set up your search criteria and when you’ve set up your alert click “Save Alert”.

It will then be activated and displayed in the table:

My Confirmed Alert

Hovering over an alert will give you the option to:

  • Results: Preview the alert (view matching Results)
  • Send Now: Send results immediately to your email
  • Edit: Edit the alert
  • Disable/Enable: Disable or enable the alert
  • Delete: Delete the alert


How alerts are sent
Once an alert is created (or enabled) they will be scheduled and emailed with the frequency you select (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly).

When a new listing triggers your alert an event is triggered, and an alert will be sent and another will be scheduled.

The process will repeat whilst the alert is active.


Now you will never miss another listing.

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