Very content!
Our custom closet has a raised bar for hanging clothes to make the most of the space. We also have a hastily-constructed laundry basket shelf, made by A, for bulkier pants and jackets. Hidden by the closet curtain is a hanging shoe rack.
With the closet curtain pulled, clutter is removed!
Floor Plan – Keep on the Sunny Side
There is ample headroom in the tiny loft.
Each of the three loft windows are sliders, and we have outlets on either side of the back window for electronics.
The loft is very light!
The bed loft also discretely houses the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
Our other loft stores all of our winter gear and other miscellaneous items. The window added a nice cross-breeze in the summer.

Our seating area is really comfortable!
Natural light is a huge feature of this house!
The entryway doubles as a dressing room (now that the door has a curtain, not pictured).
The toilet has a powerful vent fan! No smells in this house!
With a mini ceiling fan and the windows, there was no need for air conditioning!
We made our pantry shelves to fit the kitchen items we have.
Our slide-out Breville Smart Toaster Oven bakes, reheats, toasts and covers all our kitchen needs. We have made casseroles, pies, cookies, and toast in this oven!
We also have a slide-out stove. Both the oven and stove plug into an outlet hidden by the knives, and have been run together at high temperatures with no problems!
The kitchen also has a vent fan for when steamy pots bubble on the stove.
The pantry houses all our kitchen needs

Under the sink houses various utensils, the trash, the mixer, and the on-demand water heater. We also have a comfortable eating area which doubles as a desk.
Our combination washer-dryer is vented and dries well.
We brush our teeth, wash our hands, and wash our dishes at the kitchen sink.
With the slight bump-out, the kitchen has plenty of workspace even when we bring out the dish rack.
Rich made the countertop.
Surprisingly the fridge, with an icebox freezer, has always provided enough space for cold food!
There is room for one person to sit at the table while the other is working in the kitchen, or for both to sit down for a meal!
When we are climbing to the loft, the ladder fits nicely. When we are not using it, it is stored away near the closet.
With so many windows on every wall, the house is lit without lights. The snow provides a blueish glow today.
A view from the storage loft. Our next mini-project is a curtain for under the sink.
The windows make it feel like you are outdoors even when you are inside. Its a great feeling, especially when you want to experience a blustery fall day or a snowy winter one without freezing!
A regular space heater keeps the house at a snug temperature. Some of us prefer it hot, and the tiny house has managed to keep us at a steady 70 degrees even when outside temperatures are in the single digits.
Cozy and warm in the winter wonderland!
Our tiny bathroom! Just right for us!
Just enough space for our needs.
A clear shower curtain makes the space feel bigger.