If you plan on living in your own tiny house, you are going to need a crash course on being organized. The article will give you 10 powerful life hacks for staying organized and ensuring your tiny house will always be clean and tidy.

1. Downsize –  The first task should be to ensure that you downsize what you need. The basic principle here should be to implement the “three pile” strategy of keep, throw away, or donate. For more tips read “Moving into a Tiny House”. One of the key benefit of downsizing is that it’s easier to stay organized.

2. Everything has it’s place – It’s important that you plan your tiny house to ensure that everything has its designated place. From the coat and key rack by the door, to the broom, vacuum, clothes, pots, pans, shoes, and everything else down to the kitchen sink. Not only will this save you time but it will keep you organized.

3. Minimize Storage Space – Look to minimize the total amount for storage space in your tiny house. This will force you to always prioritize what you need and what you do not. The more storage you have, the more you fill it with things that you don’t need.

4. Space Utilization – In the planning of your tiny house you need to ensure you maximize the utilization of every available space. One of the basic ways to maximize space in your tiny house is to use vertical and horizontal space to go up or down, or in and out. This includes shelves for storage, hooks for hanging from walls or roofs, and extendable racks or slide out drawers. If you have more than one level, one of the most common spaces to convert into storage is the stairs to your loft space. Also, consider to use the outdoors to increase your usable space and help connect to the environment and your neighbours.

5. Multipurpose – It is also essential to think about filling your tiny house with items that are designed to be multi-purpose. Whether it’s a foldaway coat hook on your entrance door, a fold up bed, a bench, chair or bed with storage, a drawer with a chopping board, or a sliding kitchen counter to utilise dead space in the corner of your kitchen, you can fit any floor level cabinet doors with sliding hinges to transform them into a table or desk. If anything can perform another function or provide storage, it should.

6. Store it Away – As everything in your tiny house is close at hand it should be easy to keep everything stored away. If something gets out of it’s place, quickly store it away. Although open shelving looks nice when organized, it takes time to organize and looks unattractive when untidy. Consider adding doors to quickly keep your mess hidden. Utilizing enclosed storage space such as under a bed, or sleeping sofa, will make your tiny house seem larger.

7. One for One – This is an essential sustaining strategy for the upkeep of your tiny house. The basic principle is simple: for each item brought into your tiny house, you should choose a like item to remove. Implementing this strategy will ensure you constantly review what is useful to you and what you can do without.

8. Continued Learning – Learn from others experience and failures. Look to continuously learn and put into practice these key learnings. What works for others may not work for you. Don’t be frightened to experiment, learn from your mistakes and refine your approach. You need to constantly ask yourself how you can better utilize your space.

9. Digitize – Digitize your photos, books, music, video and other collections and utilize online “cloud” storage or streaming services. This can be done very quickly and at low cost with your home computer and some software and hardware. If you don’t have the time you can also use your local Costco Photo Centre, or using online services such as Murfie to digitalize your music. You can then store and access your digital collection anywhere for free using Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Another great option is to signup for Amazon Prime, which as well as offering 2 day shipping from Amazon offers many free eBooks and Magazines via Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime Movies, as well as unlimited online photo storage via Primephotos. You can use the link below to try Amazon Prime for free.

10. Organizers and containers – Utilize small organizers and containers to store items for a specific task. This way, all the items you need are in one place for when you need them. You can use small containers and organizers to attach to the inside of cabinet doors, or at the top or bottom of your closet to increase available storage. Use large storage bins and out of the way containers for the items you do not use on a daily basis. Great places for out of the way containers include the kitchen area, loft space, or over the front entrance. Utilize any dead space with containers rather than letting the space go to waste.

As you can see many of the life hacks used to get organized in a tiny house can be applied to larger houses. If you are living in a tiny house and have any of your own life hacks to share please comment below.

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